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Guide to Understanding Investment Risk

17th October 2019

There are many decisions to consider when making any investment. One of these is how much risk you are prepared to take. This will be determined by a number of different factors. In this guide, we take a look at the different types of investment risk and how it can relate to returns. Your appetite for risk will depend on your life stage and whether you want to grow your money over the long term
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How do I create a lasting power of attorney?

11th October 2019

There are four stages to making your lasting power of attorney: choosing your attorney(s), obtaining and completing the relevant forms, registering your lasting power of attorney and finally you must certify at least one copy. Each of these stages is outlined in closer detail below.    1. Appoint your attorney(s) The first step is to choose the person, or people, you trust to be your last
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Guide to Critical Illness Cover

07th October 2019

What would life be like if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? Things could change very suddenly. You’d get your family together and tell them what was going on. Before long, you’d start spending time in hospital for treatment. You may also need to take some time off. It’s hard to know what the financial impact of all this would be for you and the people who depend on you. A critica
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Guide to Life Insurance Protection

05th October 2019

It’s not easy to think about how you would secure your family’s future if you were no longer around. Understandably, we would rather not  think  of the time when we’re no longer around. But it’s important to protect the things that really matter – like our loved ones, home and lifestyle – in case the unexpected happens.   Full replacement value For many of us, projecting ours
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Is it worth investing in shares anymore?

03rd October 2019

Alongside cash, bonds and property, shares are one of the four main investing types. In recent years their popularity is declining, especially among younger people. With many asking themselves whether it’s better to pay off the mortgage or invest in shares, the idea that it isn’t worth investing in shares anymore is certainly growing. However, it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. If
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Deposit advice for first-time buyers

03rd October 2019

House deposit advice can be very useful for every first-time buyer. Getting onto the property ladder is certainly a daunting process and you’ll no doubt be seeking out a lot of guidance before acquiring your first mortgage. One of the largest hurdles any first-time buyer will have to clear is the mortgage deposit. We’ll be discussing what they are, how much it should be and the best ways for y
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Two birds, one stone

01st October 2019

Buy for uni mortgages work like guarantor mortgages and are essentially a way for guardians to help their child on to the property ladder while they’re at university. They allow students to borrow up to 100% of the value of a property so that they can purchase, live in and let out other rooms in the property to fellow students.   What are the rules? Anyone over 18 who is in higher educat
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What is a bad credit score for a mortgage

25th September 2019

It’s very important to be aware of your credit score. It affects all aspects of your personal finance and a bad score can have very negative repercussions. You can check yours online for free through a number of different services (such as Experian), so there’s no excuse not to be aware of yours. One of the aspects of your personal finance directly affected by your credit score is your mort
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Pros and cons of lasting power of attorney

05th September 2019

What happens if you become ill or develop dementia and are no longer able to make sound financial decisions? A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you nominate a trusted friend or relative to make financial decisions on your behalf, should you ever become unable to do so. We’ve listed seven reasons to set up your lasting power of attorney sooner rather than later below. In t
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How to get a bad credit score

30th August 2019

There are a number of factors that affect a person’s credit score, and many people harm their credit score by making some common mistakes. The worst part is, people are often unaware that they’re making mistakes and wonder why their credit score is so bad. In some of these cases, you wouldn’t describe the individual as financially irresponsible either. So that you can avoid these errors and
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Do I need home buyer's protection? 

28th August 2019

Some property transactions are swifter than others, some take weeks to complete and unfortunately, some property purchases fall through altogether. Whatever the reasons for this, the parties involved can be left out of pocket from upfront expenses incurred when buying property, such as legal advice or property surveys.  Home buyers protection is a type of insurance policy you can take out to cov
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What is the society of will writers?

20th August 2019

The Society of Will Writers is a non-profit body, set up to protect you the public and the professionals working within the field. The aims of the society are to raise awareness of the importance of valid wills as legal documents and to act as the regulatory body for professional will writing.   How do you become a member? There are stringent membership requirements including passing a com
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Should I pay off my mortgage with my inheritance

01st August 2019

Only 28% of millennials believe that they will be able to buy a property without inhering cash from a relative. Unfortunately, the average age for British people to receive their inheritance is between 55 and 64, so they might be waiting a while before they buy that property, if it really is the only way onto the ladder. In this article, the IMC team look into whether or not it is a good idea for
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Is private healthcare affordable in the UK?

30th July 2019

The UK’s National Health Service ensures that all British citizens have access to quality healthcare. The aim of the NHS is to ensure that no citizens need to pay for healthcare, but some people will choose to go private. The UK’s private healthcare operators offer customers a variety of benefits that allows them to stand out from the free service from the NHS. While certain people may wish
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Making a will: a checklist

24th July 2019

We’re experts on wills here at IMC so we’ve spoken frequently about them, from will terminology and common mistakes to whether or not you even need one... Our aim is to provide valuable information that encourages you to begin thinking about putting a will together for yourself. To help further, we’ve created this checklist so that you can check that every aspect of writing your will has bee
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What to look for in a savings account

19th July 2019

Saving money can help you become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency. Like all elements of financial planning, it pays to be strategic in your choice of savings account. Here are seven questions to ask when choosing your savings provider and account. Will I earn interest?  You’re likely to be saving for a specific goal or purpose (such as a property deposit) or
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What are the stamp duty thresholds?

01st July 2019

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) – or simply stamp duty – is a tax that a buyer pays when purchasing a residential property. The amount of stamp duty you pay is decided by two main variables: the price of the property and whether or not you’re a first-time buyer. Like all tax, stamp duty is paid to the government. In fact, it’s been in place since 1694. Until the mid-1990s, buyers paid a 1% t
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What's the difference between life assurance and life insurance?

25th June 2019

Don’t be fooled by how similar they sound – life insurance and life assurance are two different types of policy. Don’t be intimidated either though because the difference is straightforward.  Here’s how life insurance and life assurance work, how they differ and the pros and cons of each type of life cover.  What is life insurance? Life insurance pays out a sum of money if you die d
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Who inherits when there’s no will?

21st June 2019

At IMC, we remain adamant in our view that it’s incredibly important for everybody to have written a will. It’s essential to do as much as possible to ensure that your friends, relatives and dependents are cared for when you’re gone. By writing a will, you will have created a legally binding document that ensures that your wishes are fulfilled upon your death. When you die with a professi
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What tax do I pay on a buy-to-let property?

19th June 2019

First off, what is stamp duty? Stamp duty has been used in the UK as a form of tax placed on documents, publications, and other amenities since 1684. The tax was often certified by a physical stamp being pressed onto the document in question (hence the name). In most parts of the UK, you’re required to pay stamp duty when you buy property above a certain market value. Okay, what’s stamp
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Guide to the final Retirement Countdown

13th June 2019

Retirement Countdown: If you are aiming to retire within the next five years, it’s time to get into the mindset of considering the practicalities of fulfilling your desired lifestyle and making plans. While you should think about retirement planning as early as possible, the five years leading up to retirement are critical. Retirement may be looming with terrifying urgency, and the realit
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Defined benefit versus defined contribution pension

11th June 2019

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are divided into two categories: defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution plans. What is a defined benefit plan? A defined benefit plan is a type of pension plan in which your employer/sponsor gathers up all the funds and promises a specified payment upon your retirement. The amount paid to you is pre-determined by a formula based on your earnin
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Can I use my pension pot to buy a house?

05th June 2019

If you've been reading the news recently you'll have come across discussions on pensions and property deposits. In this post we summarise our current thinking on the proposal recently released. At the moment, there are also a lot of different expenses associated with using pension money to buy a house. With most pension schemes, you can withdraw 25% of your pot tax-free, but anything above that
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Guide to Tax Matters

20th May 2019

In this guide we set out the main tax changes that apply to the 2019/20 tax year, which commenced on 6 April 2019. Reviewing your tax affairs to ensure that available reliefs and exemptions have been utilised, together with future planning, can help to reduce your tax bill. Personal circumstances differ, so if you have any questions or if there is a particular area you are interested in, pleas
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Is remortgaging the same as porting your mortgage?

15th April 2019

To make it clear from the outset, remortgaging is not the same as porting your mortgage, but the two are somewhat related. A lot of people have some idea of what remortgaging is, even if they’re unsure of the specifics. By contrast, plenty of people have heard of ‘porting a mortgage’ but aren’t quite sure what it entails at all. People often even ask if porting a mortgage is the same a
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Best Small Brokers at the Mortgage Strategy Awards 2019

12th April 2019

Last month we were lucky enough to be invited to attend the London’s Mortgage Strategy Awards on Tuesday 26th March. This mortgage awards ceremony brings over 900 of the industry’s finest mortgage broker firms together. What being shortlisted means to us We were proud and honoured to be shortlisted in the top six mortgage brokers in the UK out of 100s of nominees! All of our mortgage adviso
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Guide to Wealth Creation

11th April 2019

Your wealth should work in all the ways you want it to. Whatever your goals are in life, careful planning and successful investing of your wealth can help you get there.
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Do I need a solicitor to remortgage?

08th April 2019

Are you considering remortgaging your home? If so, you’re likely to need the help of a solicitor. There are several aspects of a remortgage that may need you to seek legal advice. At the very least, a solicitor will make the process much more straightforward. They’re professionals in this field after all. When Don’t You Need a Solicitor? If you’re commencing a new rate or deal with your
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Too many pots

24th March 2019

Why might you have multiple pension pots? Schemes you may be enrolled onto include your workplace pension with your new employer, a personal pension scheme, a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or a stakeholder pension (SHP) scheme. Whether you invest in your own pension pot and/or have one with your job, you’ll receive a state pension. In addition to your state pension you’ll have been
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Guide to Year End Tax Planning 2018/19

18th March 2019

Tax planning might not sound very exciting, but it can have a dramatic effect on your personal finances. The UK tax system offers many different tax reliefs and allowances for individuals. Reviewing your tax affairs to ensure that available reliefs and exemptions have been utilised, together with future planning, could help to reduce a potential tax bill.
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The types of insurance to consider before you get a mortgage

11th March 2019

In the past, it was a legal requirement to have some form of insurance in order for you to qualify for a mortgage. This law was changed because it could lead to a conflict of interest, given that the lender might also profit from selling you the insurance. The short answer to the question of whether you need insurance in order to take out a mortgage is technically no, but this doesn’t mean t
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The people who can and cannot witness your will

04th March 2019

As we have mentioned in our will writing checklist, it is very important that you have the right witnesses when signing your will. The signing of the document is the part that really matters, where you confirm that your will contains your explicit wishes that you want to be fulfilled when you die. However, if witnessed incorrectly, the entire document could be invalidated. In this article, the
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Tackling your shared mortgage as a separated couple

27th February 2019

If you and your partner are considering whether or not to apply for a joint mortgage, there are a few factors to consider before you do so. There are also four main ways to approach the mortgage moving forward, should you decide to separate or divorce. This article is written for couples who have a shared mortgage in which both people are named owners of the property. This means that whatever deci
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Guide to Setting Investments Goals

26th February 2019

Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays a vital role in securing your financial future. How much control do you want over your investments? We can advise you on solutions to help you meet your investment goals so that you weather the markets by keeping your portfolio diverse.
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Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney

13th February 2019

In England and Wales, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more people to make decisions on your behalf during your lifetime. A LPA is a completely separate legal document to your Will, although many people put them in place at the same time as getting their Will written as part of wanting to plan for the future.
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What are the main types of insurance to be aware of?

12th February 2019

When getting to grips with the terms and definitions surrounding insurance policies, it can help to have an option to compare and contrast them to. The IMC team have produced a variety of detailed guides to individual types of insurance elsewhere on our blog. In this article, we collate  the more popular insurance types that our team offer advice on.   Life insurance Life insurance poli
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How to save on life insurance: five tips from Daniel Gibbs

11th February 2019

How to save money on life insurance is a complicated question in that underwriters determine premium rates based on all of the personal information they have on you as an individual. Any health conditions, or the type of career you're in, can increase or decrease your premiums for a given type of cover, for example. But that's not to say that when you see your quote increase after adding these det
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How does a pension plan work?

06th February 2019

Most of us have a rough idea of what a pension is. You're likely aware that it's the money you receive when you retire to ensure that you can keep living, despite not earning a monthly salary from work anymore. What we do find however, is that many people are not aware of the intricacies of pensions. “What exactly is a pension?”, “What kinds of pensions are there?”, “How do I get the mo
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Guide to Retirement Planning

04th February 2019

Whether retirement is many years away or just around the corner, unless you start planning for retirement now, there is a great danger that you could outlive your savings. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to create the retirement lifestyle you want.
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Is paying off your mortgage a good move?

30th January 2019

The benefits of paying off your mortgage early Choosing your mortgage is an important decision and usually requires a lot of financial planning and saving before you are able to do so. First, you need to be granted a mortgage, save or borrow funds to put down your deposit, then you have the ongoing monthly payments to manage. Now depending on the type of mortgage you chose, your monthly paymen
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Writing your will - all the legal terminology explained

18th January 2019

When attempting to understand legal documents, the pages can appear littered with unfamiliar legal jargon. And you can be easily intimidated by the information they contain purely because you do not know what a few phrases mean. A key part of the battle to get to grips with new legal content is translating any specialist terms into words and concepts that you are familiar with and understand. T
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The 10 best ways to improve your chances of getting a mortgage

15th January 2019

If you are looking to get onto the property ladder, you have probably felt like the deck is stacked against you. And with rising house prices, stagnating wages and a growing reliance on the bank of mum and dad; it may seem that simply getting a mortgage, let alone owning a house, is impossible. Amidst all of the negativity around the property market, it is worth remembering that many mortgage l
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Will I ever be able to afford a house?

08th January 2019

This is a question that is voiced a lot amongst young professionals in London. Leaving home and moving into a shared property when starting out on your own is fun for a time but after a while, the freedom and excitement of living and working in London becomes less of a novelty and simply a part of normal, busy day-to-day life. A person in their early twenties may be willing to put thoughts of owni
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Can I write a will for free?

03rd January 2019

When it comes to writing your will, you may wonder whether or not it can be done for free. Writing a will is incredibly important, there can be little doubt about that. And yet seeking professional financial advice and going through solicitors to ensure that your will is correct and viable can seem an arduous and expensive task. If you are seeking a free alternative, there are a number of opti
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The cost of downsizing - is there a cost?

27th December 2018

It’s likely that at one point as your time as a homeowner, you’ll consider downsizing. Whether you're retired or an empty nester, wanting to free up some cash or want a home that requires less maintenance, moving to a smaller property can seem like the answer. But there is more to moving to a smaller property than simply moving. There are often unseen costs involved that can eat up any potenti
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What is loan-to-value ratio?

17th December 2018

Loan-to-value or LTV, is a tool used to evaluate the risk in a collateralised loan, usually a mortgage loan. It is all about how much mortgage you have in relation to how much your property is worth. It. Or put simply, it is the ratio between: Mortgage amount; the value of the loan you take out in order to buy a property Appraised value; the appraised value of the property as a whole, ex
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Stamp Duty: What you need to know

05th December 2018

  If you’re buying a property in the UK, you’re likely to be aware of Stamp Duty. But for many first time buyers – and even current homeowners – it can be a confusing topic. Nonetheless, the paying of Stamp Duty is a significant cost that needs to be taken into account. In this article, we’ll take a look at exactly what both current and prospective homeowners need to know abo
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Guide to How to Grow your Wealth

04th December 2018

Wondering how to grow your wealth? Whether you are looking to invest for income, growth or a combination of both, we can provide the professional advice, comprehensive investment solutions and ongoing service to help you achieve your investment goals.
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Guide to Shareholder and Partnership Protection

30th November 2018

Unlike the other forms of business protection, shareholder or partnership protection covers individuals rather than the company. It can help solve many of the problems that could arise when the unexpected happens.
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There’s a way when there’s a will

28th November 2018

A will is the legal means by which you can ensure that your estate (your money, property, possessions and investments) goes to the people and causes that you want it to. We have explained the importance of writing a will in previous posts. However to recap - relationships can be negatively affected and sometimes severely damaged following disputes over who inherits what in the absence of a will. I
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Six things to know about student loans in England and Wales

20th November 2018

If you are British and have attended university since 2012, you are probably very aware of the growing cost of student loans. Although a record proportion of young people started university courses in 2017, misinformation (and a general lack of information) is widespread amongst those already attending and those enrolling onto higher education. A lot of current and past students are not sure wh
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Guide to Later Life Care

20th November 2018

As later life care becomes more prevalent, whether you are considering this for yourself or a relative, the challenge of covering the costs involved can be significant. In addition, the options for funding later life care are fiendishly complex.
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What is a High Risk Mortgage?

15th November 2018

When you take out a mortgage, your lender will need to take a number of factors into account before deciding how much interest to charge on your loan. Lenders have to decide how much of a risk you are based on your previous financial history. This is known as risk-based pricing. A high-risk mortgage would be given to someone with a poor financial record. Why might I be given a high-risk mortgage?
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Remortgaging sounds complicated, how do I do it?

13th November 2018

Content updated 27th June 2019 There are many reasons for remortgaging and it is worth seeking remortgage advice to understand these, but the main one is the scope to save money. With so many new products and offers available in the market nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners are looking at their options and discovering that remortgaging could generate substantial savings. What is a re
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A beginner’s guide to ethical investments

10th November 2018

There are numerous ways of making money from investing. Whether it be investing directly into a company, purchasing property, stocks and shares, or via a micro-investment platform. It’s rewarding when your money goes towards something that benefits either yourself, your loved ones or the wider community, as well as keeping your money safe. Ethical investment is an investment strategy that seeks
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Term and whole-of-life insurance - a helpful guide

08th November 2018

Life insurance is a somewhat morbid topic that we do not really want to consider needing. We often prefer to push that thought to the back of our minds and avoid tackling the issue head on. Despite this, it is often very important that you have a life insurance policy. After all, it is inevitable that we all die at some point. The reality is that almost everyone would benefit from having a life in
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How will I pay off my interest only mortgage?

06th November 2018

There are three mortgage options when you buy a property: a repayment mortgage, an interest-only mortgage and part repayment or part interest-only. With a repayment mortgage, you pay back a part of the loan and the interest each month. Assuming you make all your payments, you are guaranteed to pay off the whole loan at the end of the term. With an interest-only mortgage, each month, you only pay t
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Guide to Self-Invested Personal Pension 2018

05th November 2018

It is essential that you start to plan for your retirement as early as possible so that you are able to live comfortably in the knowledge that your lifestyle needs are covered. This will mean careful consideration of your pension fund throughout your working life.
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Do I need a will?

23rd October 2018

It's not uncommon to hear someone say “Why do I need to write a Will? I don’t own anything worth leaving?”. This is a misconception with regards to wills and Estate planning. It is not true that only the older and most financially successful amongst us need to write a Will. Besides, even if you truly have very few possessions, you probably still need to leave instructions to someone in a Wil
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5 of the best ways to improve your credit rating

17th October 2018

From applying for a life-changing mortgage or business loan, to simply choosing that credit card that gives you bonus air miles, having a good credit rating is imperative. They can take a while to build up, but it’s important that you aim to develop a strong background for whenever you need to apply for any form of credit. Fortunately, there are some simple things that you can do today that c
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Do you need student insurance?

15th October 2018

As a student it is tempting to think that contents insurance is just another needless cost on an already tight budget. But a small payment per month could save you a huge amount in the long-run. In this article the IMC team walk you through some of the reasons why contents insurance is an essential purchase, and explain some of the more technical aspects of what type of coverage will best suit you
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2018 Guide to Protection Planning

11th October 2018

Inside we look at the number of key areas that will empower you to put in place an effective protection planning strategy to preserve and protect your wealth for you and future generations.
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Claiming my pension - how much tax will I pay

10th October 2018

The financially savvy amongst us are all too aware of how much tax we pay each month but it is also easily overlooked by a lot of people. And when it is, fines, charges or insufficient savings can leave those people out of pocket. Many of us are happy so long as we can see from our bank statements that enough money is coming in to cover the outgoings - we do not pay close attention to exactly wher
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Trust fund, baby: How setting up a trust helps your child

08th October 2018

Trusts aren’t just for wealthy American college students, in fact they can be highly beneficial for a wide array of different people in different situations, but what exactly is a trust? Trusts are agreements where you give cash, property or investments to someone else to be looked after for the benefit of a third party. Setting up a trust fund involves a settlor, a trustee and a beneficiary: th
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What fees will I incur when taking out a mortgage?

25th September 2018

When buying a house, there are a number of fees and charges that you’ll have to pay on top of your mortgage deposit and any subsequent repayments. Most people are familiar with stamp duty and conveyancing costs but we rarely think about the fees to be faced when taking out a mortgage. In this article, the IMC team walk you through these fees, ensuring that you are familiar with any additional
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Do I have to repay my mortgage by a certain age?

21st September 2018

Key points: Age is a factor when taking out a mortgage. Check the mortgage age limit when you apply. Speak to a mortgage broker. Some mortgages for older borrowers are only available through them and they will look at your finances to find you a suitable deal. Be sure to pick a mortgage that is right for your circumstances. We have outlined the importance of planning for your retirement in ot
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Guide to Asset Allocation

18th September 2018

Understanding investment risk and determining what level of risk you feel comfortable with before you invest is an important part of the investment decision process. Your potential returns available from different kinds of investment, and the risks involved, change over time as a result of economic, political and regulatory developments, as well as a host of other factors.
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Estate planning: What you need to know

14th September 2018

Estate planning is unlikely to be at the top of your financial to-do list. Like writing a will or choosing a life insurance policy, planning what to do with our estate when we die can feel uncomfortably morbid, so we pretend we do not have to do it. Despite this, estate planning is really important and you do not have to be wealthy to have ‘an estate’ either. In simple terms, your estate i
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Opt into a pension scheme: pension advice

11th September 2018

Key points: Your pension is the responsibility of you and your employer. Employers are legally required to implement automatic enrolment for eligible employees. If you wish to opt out of a pension you need to arrange this yourself. There is scope to supplement your pension independently.   Your pension scheme Many of us avoid checking up on the details of our pension schemes. Is it be
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First time buyers and the bank of mum and dad

06th September 2018

Getting that first step on the property ladder certainly isn’t easy. In fact, it can feel incredibly tough with the current housing market and the UK economy the way it is. More and more potential buyers find themselves feeling as though they’ll never own a home. In London especially, exponential rises in house prices feel like setback after setback to those looking to move out of the rental s
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Life insurance: what options are available

04th September 2018

Rather than focusing on the reasons why you might need life insurance, this article will focus on what life insurance can provide. Even when you are gone, your house, family and friends, your pet and your car will all still be here. Life insurance is a great way of ensuring that your financial responsibilities are looked after even when you are no longer here, making sure that the financial securi
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Mortgage terms: Should I go long, short or in-between?

31st August 2018

Mortgages. They are likely to be the largest, most long-term debt you ever have. Owning a home is expensive, but paying your mortgage does not have to be prohibitively costly if you are aware of different mortgage terms and which is right for you. Mortgage terms can be divided into three distinct lengths: short term, long term and medium term. Short term mortgages are those of under 20 years, w
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What counts as an ethical investment?

28th August 2018

Ethical investment funds incorporate environmental and social factors when selecting companies to invest in, in addition to the objective of achieving a competitive financial return. In other words, it involves investing in companies that are in line with your ethical principles. When building ethical investment funds, there are two methods of vetting companies before you make your choice: &nbs
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Proving your income when you’re self-employed

24th August 2018

From time to time, everybody is faced with a situation where they will have to prove their income. Whether it’s to start renting a property or applying for a mortgage, proving you earn what you say you earn is effectively inevitable. Proving what you earn as an employee shouldn’t cause you many problems: you can just present your payslips and carry on. Proof of income for self-employed peop
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The UK’s biggest private healthcare providers

21st August 2018

Private healthcare can be an excellent and relatively stress free way of managing health issues, if and when they arise. The National Health Service has long since been under considerable strain meaning that choice of clinician and prompt treatment for non-emergencies cannot be guaranteed. With a private plan, you have more control and opportunity to decide when, where and from whom you receive tr
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Guide to Investing 2018

21st August 2018

By setting aside some of your money now in investments that could appreciate over time, you’ll set yourself up for greater financial security in the future. Whether you want to build a pension for retirement, save a deposit for a house or generate extra income to cover an expense, any savings you may have been able to accrue that are not required to finance your day-to-day living may provi
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Is equity release suitable for you?

17th August 2018

Even if you don’t own your home outright, that does not mean that the proportion of your money tied up in it is worth nothing. Equity is the value of your property after deducting any mortgages or loans against it. For instance, if your home is worth £250,000 and you have a £200,000 mortgage, that’s £50,000 of equity that belongs to you. If you have no mortgage, you have access to 100% of y
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How much should you put aside for a pension?

14th August 2018

Unless you really, really love your job, you won’t be planning on working much beyond your sixties. While thinking about pensions may seem unnecessary to any spring chickens reading this, it’s never too early to begin putting a small amount of money aside for a happy retirement. Provided you earn £6,032 or more a year, you have the right to opt into a pension scheme from the moment you land y
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Mortgage protection cover - Just what is it?

10th August 2018

Few people are in a position to purchase a new home without taking out a mortgage; in fact, in London, around 75% of properties were bought with the help of a mortgage last year. Although conversations about mortgages may seem dull and daunting - the opportunities that mortgages provide are really exciting! A new home and chapter, independence, a place to call your own and a physical asset to
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Guide to ISA Transfers

09th August 2018

There’s a common misconception that you can’t move your existing ISA's from one provider to another. Transferring your ISAs doesn’t affect its tax-efficient status, but you should make sure that you don’t have to pay penalties or give up valuable benefits. If you want to switch from an existing ISA provider to a new one, you’re perfectly within your rights to do so.
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Care in the capital: A guide to private healthcare in London

07th August 2018

UK residents are fortunate enough to have access to a National Health Service. This ensures that no matter the health problems facing them, they will receive treatment for free at the point of service. A taxpayer-funded healthcare system obviously has a lot of benefits, but many people still choose to go private, rather than use the state-provided healthcare services. There are plenty of benefi
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The differences between secured and unsecured loans?

02nd August 2018

Money. It’s nice to have. You can use it to go on holiday, pick up a perfect gift or indulge in a particularly great looking sandwich. However, sometimes there’s simply not enough, especially when it comes to large investments which require an upfront cost, or a great commitment. For many the easiest and most sensible solution is to take out a secured or unsecured loan - just what is a secured
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The hidden benefits of life insurance

27th July 2018

We’ll get the morbid bit out of the way - we’re all going to die one day, that much is inevitable. Although this isn’t a nice thought, life goes on. We may no longer be here, but friends and family will be. And the thought of friends and family being left to deal with your debts as well as their own whilst also facing the grieving process, is far worse. You may be thinking, you can’t put p
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Guide to Protecting yourself from scams

25th July 2018

Protecting yourself from scams may seem impossible. Fraudsters are getting more deceitful and ever more successful. Pension and investment scams are on the increase in the UK. Everyday fraudsters are using sophisticated ways to part savers from their money, and the Internet and advances in digital communications mean these kinds of scams are getting more common and harder to identify.
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Will writing: What’s involved and why we do it

18th July 2018

You’ve probably avoided this and who can blame you? Contemplating one’s death is hardly the cheeriest of pastimes… Even so, the time and effort invested in creating a will is considerably less than the inconveniences incurred by your loved ones should the worst happen to you without one. It may be something you’ve avoided getting round to until you absolutely need to but here are two quest
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Moving Day: The cost of moving house

11th July 2018

For most people, moving house is the single most costly event in their lives. As well as the price of the new property, there are various additional expenses that contribute to the final sum. If you’re thinking about moving house it’s essential that you are aware of all moving costs so that you can budget accordingly.     The estimated cost of moving house in the UK in 2018 is arou
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Porting a mortgage, what you need to know

04th July 2018

A new home can mean a new start, a clean slate for a future full of opportunities. That’s not to say everything has to be left behind though - transferring, or “porting” your existing mortgage to a new property is a great way of keeping consistency and minimising hassle in a time of upheaval. There are some things you should know first however, so whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or sim
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What to do if you find yourself in arrears

02nd July 2018

It should be avoided at all costs but, at some point, you may find yourself behind on your rent or mortgage payments. Whether you are in arrears with money owed to either your lender or your landlord, it’s a tough situation, but it’s not the end of the world.   Miss payments on your home and you could face repossession. If you’re on track to miss mortgage or rent payments, take a
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2018 Guide to Retirement Planning

28th June 2018

In recent years, retirement has become more about the opportunity to enjoy your life after work. Your finances are a huge part of achieving that. With the maximum State Pension currently £8,546.20 (2018/19) a year, you’ll need to decide if this is going to be enough for you to live on when you retire.
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Should you overpay your mortgage?

25th June 2018

It’s always said that one should strike while the iron is hot. To seize the day. With this in mind, many people look to take advantage of low-interest rates by overpaying a mortgage. However, despite the many advantages, it’s not always the best idea, with a number of factors that need careful consideration beforehand.   What does overpaying a mortgage mean?   Overpaying si
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Tips for finding your dream property

20th June 2018

Everyone has a dream home, even if they don’t know exactly what they want from it just yet. At first thought, your dream properties are likely to be French châteaux, New York City high-rise apartments or Beverly Hills mansions. Unfortunately, in reality, deciding on a dream home is simply not as easy as settling on the first beautiful house you see. Here at IMC, we think that the most import
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Guide to Inheritance Tax

18th June 2018

Inheritance Tax is payable on everything you have of value when you die. This includes your  home, jewellery, savings and investments, works of art, cars, and any other properties or land,  which includes any that are overseas. But there are certain circumstances if you put assets into  certain types of trusts, for example, when Inheritance Tax becomes payable earlier.
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What a credit score means for your mortgage

15th June 2018

“You need a good credit score if you want to apply for a mortgage!” It’s something you hear often, from adverts on the TV, experts on the radio and posters on the way to work, but just what is a credit score and how does it affect your day to day life? Is it as important as they say, or is it a simply an arbitrary metric like height, or the number of pushups you can do? Fortunately, the
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Giving back: How to get involved with ethical investing

11th June 2018

The world of investing has historically been viewed as a cutthroat industry with investors doing just about anything to get ahead. This simply isn’t the case; in the modern world you don’t need to be a Jordan Belfort or Gordon Gekko type to succeed on the stock market. At one point unscrupulous investments in big tobacco and arms manufacturers may have been a surefire way to make some money, b
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Stick or twist? Choosing between fixed and tracker mortgages

04th June 2018

Unless you’re thinking of buying a tropical island, a mortgage is likely to be the most significant financial investment you’ll make in your life. Careful planning often goes into picking the right location, kind of house and budget, however, there’s one thing that’s often difficult to plan for - the future. Depending on your position, a fixed or tracker mortgage might be the right option
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Guide to New Tax Year Planning 2018/19

29th May 2018

Now that we’ve entered the 2018/19 tax year, a number of key changes have taken place to  existing policies, along with some newly introduced initiatives. It’s important to consider these tax implications when making financial decisions.
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Buy to let, is it right for you?

16th May 2018

Landlord. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It brings to mind heavily-robed nobility, standing on top of a castle. Looking over all the fields, with their small stone cattle sheds beneath - All of it belonging to them. All of it in their control.   Is the reality as glamorous as it seems though? Is it the dream-life that some portray, or is it stress personified? It’s important
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How to reduce the stress of moving home

03rd May 2018

New home, new life. What a time to be alive. You’ve likely been planning this day for a while now, a future vision of you and a dream home. Maybe you’re moving to start a new job, or getting a place with the partner of your dreams. Perhaps you’re thinking of downsizing for your retirement. Either way, only one thing stands between you and your happy future. Yes, that’s right, you’ve firs
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When should you start writing a will?

30th April 2018

It’s something everyone knows they should do. At the same time it’s something that nobody really wants to think about. Writing a will is often, and quite understandably, the last thing on people's minds - especially at a younger age. So when should you start thinking about writing your will? After all, you’re probably not expecting it to be used for a long time yet.   The short an
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Guide to Income Protection

26th April 2018

If you were one of the million people in the UK each year that find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury, how would you cope financially? The Association of British Insurers 2017 findings highlight the fact that of these, many find it difficult to survive on their savings or on sick pay from work.
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Mortgage advice for business owners

23rd April 2018

Congratulations, you’ve done it. You’ve finally decided to follow your dreams and start your own business. No longer subordinate to “the man”, you are the master of your own fate, the captain of your soul. There’s only one thing left to do. Find a mortgage that actually suits you. Historically it has often been difficult to obtain a mortgage as a fledgeling entrepreneur. A lack of de
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Building and contents insurance: What’s the difference?

18th April 2018

On the face of it, the difference between buildings insurance and contents insurance is fairly straightforward. Anything deemed part of a building’s structure, or its “fabric”, is covered by the former. Likewise, anything you can remove and move to another property is generally deemed contents and falls under the latter. However, imagine the scene: you walk into your house and, as you’r
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Is mortgage protection insurance necessary?

11th April 2018

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), also known as mortgage protection insurance or simply ‘mortgage insurance’, is potentially one of the most misunderstood insurance schemes out there. Many people confuse MPPI with PPI (payment protection insurance), the widely mis-sold insurance on credit cards and loans that caused a scandal in 2012. Despite this, for some people, MPPI could be a
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Guide to Lifestyle Planning

11th April 2018

Making provision for a secure future, be it for yourself, your family or your business, is one of the most important steps you will ever take. Changes in your circumstances or the effects of inflation will require you to regularly review and act upon your financial situation.
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How to buy to let: Getting a mortgage and becoming a landlord

06th April 2018

Many homeowners dream of the day that they can become a landlord. Having struggled onto the property ladder against bleak news of rising house prices and impossible deposits, the security brought about by being a landlord as well as a homeowner is certainly welcome. Not only does buying a property to let open up an additional source of income, it also puts you on track to join the ranks of the lan
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Life insurance: Do you really need it?

03rd April 2018

Do I need life insurance? It’s a question many of us have tentatively asked ourselves, unsure if we actually need insurance in our current situation. Aside from the uncertainty about whether it’s worth it, much like writing a will, the idea of life insurance is tough for us to face. Most of us don’t want to start thinking about our own mortality. While it may feel like a tough question, m
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Guide to Stock Market Turbulence

28th March 2018

The overall direction of developed stock market is a relentless and continual rise in value over the very long term, punctuated by falls. It’s important not to let global uncertainties affect your financial planning for the years ahead. Individuals who stop their investment planning,  particularly during market downturns, can often miss out on opportunities to invest at lower prices.
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How mortgages work: A quick guide for first time buyers

25th March 2018

How does a mortgage work? It might sound like a silly question, but it’s a question we’re all likely to have asked ourselves at some point. Of course, you probably know that a mortgage is a loan used for buying a house that you pay off over a number of years. However, if you’re yet to take those first steps on the property ladder, you’ll likely have some questions. We’ve covered some
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Tenants and insurance: The importance of income protection cover

19th March 2018

Most mortgage-paying homeowners understand that income protection insurance is important. If you have an income and fall seriously ill to the point that you are unable to work, you need to find a way to keep up with all of your outgoings. This is what income protection and critical illness insurance policies cover – they help to ensure that you can pay your bills and will not lose your home in
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Guide to Year and Tax Planning

01st March 2018

It’s important to take the time to give your finances a year-end check-up. The 2017/18 tax year ends on 5 April 2018, with the new tax year beginning the following day, on 6 April. These are important dates for financial planning, so it’s important you don’t miss the chance to make the most of valuable tax-efficiencies and allowances.
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Is remortgaging suitable for you?

21st February 2018

Your mortgage is almost certainly one of your longest lasting and most expensive monthly outgoings. Therefore, making sure you have the best deal available to you when it comes to your mortgage can save you thousands and remortgaging may be the answer. Remortgaging is the process of taking out another mortgage on your property. You could remortgage to simply replace your current mortgage with a be
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Why writing a will is so important

15th February 2018

Writing a will is a financial responsibility far too important to ignore. Although disputes over the estates of the deceased have provided us with gripping drama for years - just look at Dickens’ Bleak House - 60% of British people have not written a will. Whether it’s because people don’t like thinking about their own mortality, or if they simply don’t feel wealthy enough to justify writi
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Guide to Estate Preservation

12th February 2018

Effective estate preservation planning could save a family a potential Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. IHT planning has become more important than ever, following the Government’s decision to freeze the £325,000 lifetime exemption, with inflation eroding its value every year and subjecting more families to IHT.
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Is private healthcare right for you?

08th February 2018

In the UK, healthcare is free at the point of use, paid for in taxes through the National Insurance contributions of British citizens. Because of the NHS, nobody in the UK needs health insurance, otherwise known as private medical insurance. Despite this, there are a variety of private healthcare providers in the UK and plenty of people choosing the paid option when it comes to healthcare. In fact
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Why get life insurance when you’re young and healthy?

02nd February 2018

It comes as no surprise that the thought of getting life insurance rarely crosses the minds of most people under the age of 50. Whether it’s due to lack of planning or just lack of awareness, younger generations simply do not seem to consider life insurance a necessary commitment. But why? The benefits of life insurance are plain to see for those who have mortgages, children, partners or fin
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How to decide if you need a mortgage broker

28th January 2018

Before deciding on a mortgage, there are three routes you can take. You could get advice from a bank, get advice from a mortgage broker, or you could forgo all advice and do it yourself with an execution-only application. Going it alone when it comes to a mortgage is a risky option. With an execution-only application, you will need to take full responsibility for your mortgage decision and you
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Guide to Pensions and Divorce

26th January 2018

Divorce and pensions are very significant. A pension could be a couple’s most valuable matrimonial asset, in some cases worth more than the equity in the family home. As such, it is important that pensions are considered in the financial settlement if a couple decides to divorce or dissolve their registered civil partnership. All the money you’ve saved into it (except for your basic State
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Shared Ownership: is it worth it?

24th January 2018

For many first-time buyers, home ownership can seem almost impossible. With soaring house prices, especially in the capital, more and more young people are starting to see owning a home as nothing more than a pipe dream. Because of this, the Government has introduced a number of Help to Buy schemes to aid first time home buyers. The most prominent schemes come in the form of ISAs and equity loans,
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Quick saving tips for first time buyers

06th January 2018

So you’ve decided to buy a house. Despite having one of the lowest home ownership rates in Europe (with 63% of people living in their own homes) the UK still places a great deal of importance on home ownership. As such, thousands of people in the UK look to buy their first home every year. It’s something that everyone aspires to have. A dream that feels so close, yet oh so far: moving into a
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The pros and cons of taking a mortgage payment holiday

20th December 2017

The question of whether or not you should take a mortgage payment holiday is tricky to answer in general terms. Some see them as a helpful means of temporarily relaxing your monthly spending when you need some breathing room, whereas others see them as more trouble than they are worth. As with any matter we cover here at IMC, the exact answer largely depends on your specific circumstances and r
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Guide to Self-Invested Personal Pensions

07th December 2017

In our Guide to Self-Invested Personal Pensions, we look at how the retirement landscape over the past few years has fundamentally changed for the better, giving people more choice and control over their retirement income. We can help you to structure the right retirement income for your requirements and help you make the choices to meet your needs.
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5 spending habits to cut out of your life

29th November 2017

Having full control of your personal finances isn’t just about paying off debts and keeping some savings to the side. It’s also about spending your money wisely and reining in those more extravagant purchases. Most of us are guilty of splashing out on products and services that we don’t need, incurring costs that can easily be avoided with a bit of foresight and willpower. Bad spending ha
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Guide to Stocks and Shares ISAs

09th November 2017

If you’re starting to think about investing, Individual Savings Account (ISAs) could be a good place to start. For many people, one way to invest in stocks and shares is through an ISA. But there’s no substitute for professional financial advice, which is essential to ensure that an assessment of your personal circumstances and attitude to risk is made before making investment decisions. So wh
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Guide to Protecting your Financial plan

02nd November 2017

The right professional financial advice can give you the freedom to live life on your terms, and key to this is safeguarding your financial security by making sure you have adequate protection in place to care for the people and things that matter. It’s concerning to see that half (50%) of the UK’s mortgage holders have no life insurance cover in place, meaning that 8.2 million[1] people are l
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2017 Guide to Protection matters

23rd October 2017

Ensuring that you have adequate financial protection for you, your family and any dependants is an important element of financial planning. As a healthy working person with a good income, you may feel reasonably confident that you are able to provide for your family. However, your finances could be more precarious than you think. No matter what the current economic environment, adhering to a few s
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First Time Buyers: A Market Outlook

18th October 2017

Getting a foot on the property ladder is an exciting step, but it is not one that should be rushed or entered into lightly. At IMC, we have been helping first time buyers turn the key in their new home for years. Let us help you too. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you every step of the way and help you identify the best products on the market. Following the news and keeping up to da
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Investing in a Pension or Buy to Let Property?

03rd October 2017

Planning for your future is important. In fact, making a plan for later life is becoming not only prudent, but essential. With government cuts to social care, increased cost of living, rising inflation and changes to the amount paid out from the basic state pension, getting old has suddenly become very expensive. So, the question often asked is should I invest in a pension or buy an investment
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Remortgaging Rates Hit a New Low

28th September 2017

Most people looking to remortgage are trying to reduce their mortgage payments. And with interest rates currently at a record low this is certainly very likely. The mortgage market in 2017 has seen the highest number of people remortgaging since 2009, with activity in July 2017 10% higher than in 2016 as a result of these record low rates. Remortgaging strengthened in July and reached its high
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Guide to Family Succession Planning

20th September 2017

Family succession planning is a journey that should commence the day you start your business, but often only commences with a trigger – in other words, something that has initiated the decision to start the succession process. It may be one of the most challenging experiences facing any business leader, especially an entrepreneurial business person who has built a family business from scratch, s
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How Do You Plan to Repay Your Interest Only Mortgage?

14th September 2017

According to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders, 1.9 million people in the UK currently hold an interest-only mortgage. An interest-only mortgage is one where the borrower only pays off the accrued interest in monthly instalments – rather than paying off the principal of the debt. The appeal of interest-only mortgages lies in their low monthly payments. Borrowers aren’t required to c
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How to Release Equity in Your Home

11th September 2017

If you’ve ever heard people talking about their money being ‘tied up in their house’ then you already know what equity is. Equity refers to the value of a property after deducting any mortgage /secured loans. ‘Equity release’ is the umbrella term used to denote the range of products which enable over-55s to access the cash value of their home. As with regular mortgages, a degree of
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Guide to Investing and Inflation

23rd August 2017

Rising inflation is a concern to investors, as changes in inflation and interest rates affect various asset types in different ways. This is an especially important issue for retirees living on a fixed income.
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Are 35-year Mortgages a Bad Idea?

15th August 2017

Traditionally, a typical mortgage lasts 25 years, but over the last two years more people have been taking out longer mortgages. The Bank of England revealed that during the months leading up March 2017, 15.75% of all new mortgages were for 35 years or more. First-time buyers contribute towards 25% of this statistic. What is it that makes longer-term mortgages an appealing option and what are
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Guide to Investing

14th August 2017

It’s well worth taking the time to think about what you really want from your investments. Knowing yourself, your needs and goals, and your appetite for risk is a good start.
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Buy to let: How to Set Up as a Company

08th August 2017

Buying property (either commercial or residential) has always been considered a rather easy and relatively safe long-term investment. With more and more people expanding their property portfolios, isn’t it time you fulfilled your Monopoly empire dreams? Purchasing a property to let out has numerous advantages. With the rental market on the increase – particularly in South West London, an ad
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State Pension Changes

02nd August 2017

The news has been awash with the recent announcement of the State Pension age rise is to be brought forward. The statement was made in the Commons by Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, David Gauke. Gauke commented that the Government had agreed to the suggested raise on the recommendations of the John Cridland CBE report. Why the change? For many years, the age of retirement was 65
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Guide to Long-Term Care

28th July 2017

Rising life expectancy brings with it the challenge of how we fund our future care costs. The question is: who is responsible for looking after us if we need care in old age?
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Essential Finance Tips for New Home Owners

25th July 2017

Successfully becoming a new home owner is certainly something to celebrate. However, owning a home is a big financial commitment and it can be disheartening to know that the monetary costs don’t stop once you have signed your mortgage contract. According to an article in The Telegraph, nearly half of all household income is spent on the running of a home, with an average annual cost of £20,0
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The 5 Most Expensive Pensions Mistakes

20th July 2017

Ensuring you have a nest egg for your retirement means your post-career days can be used for well-deserved rest and relaxation. To help you get the best out of your pensions, we’ve exposed 6 of the most expensive pensions mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. 1. Delaying starting a pension This may seem rather obvious but the sooner you start saving into a pension plan, the more
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What Does Divorce Mean for My Mortgage?

11th July 2017

According to the most recent statistics, the number of divorces in the UK has been decreasing since 2003. In 2015, there were 101,055 divorces, a 9.1% decrease compared with 2014, and a decline of 34% from a recent peak in 2003. Aside from the emotional trauma, divorce can wreak havoc on your finances. With a property mortgage being one of the most common shared investments, handling yours corr
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Get Remortgage Ready: The Great Remortgaging Checklist

05th July 2017

Whether you're looking for a better deal to save you money on your current mortgage, or the current product rate of your mortgage is coming to an end, remortgaging should be one of your options. Although the remortgaging process does require relative effort, with some impartial advice from expert financial advisors, substantial savings are achievable. Here are seven steps that will help make th
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Buy to Let Mortgages: The Benefits You Should Know

28th June 2017

Investing in property is often assumed to be a wise and safe long-term venture. It has just been announced that the Council of Mortgage Lenders has downgraded its buy-to-let lending forecasts for 2017 and 2018 due to tax and regulatory burdens in the housing and mortgage markets. As a result, the CML expects buy-to-let lending of £35bn in 2017 and £33bn in 2018. That said, buy-to-let mortgage
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Guide to Retirement Planning 2017

15th June 2017

The pension freedoms rule changes mean that we’ll be increasingly in charge of our pensions, both while we’re building up our retirement pot and when we start to draw an income. It’s therefore more important than ever to plan our retirement saving from an early age.
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Freehold vs Leasehold: The Financial Lowdown for Homebuyers

08th June 2017

One important consideration when buying a house is whether the ownerships agreement is ‘Freehold’ or ‘Leasehold’. They are two distinct forms of property ownership, affecting your rights and the cost of buying, selling and maintaining your home. Here we’ll examine what each ownership agreement entails and the many inherent financial implications, so you can make an informed decision.
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Guide to Lifetime ISA

26th May 2017

The start of the new tax year on 6 April 2017 saw the launch of the Lifetime ISA (LISA), which was announced in the 2016 Budget. This is a new type of Individual Savings Account (ISA) designed to help you save for a first home or for your retirement at the same time. To be eligible, you have to be aged between 18 and 39 years old (up until your 40th birthday).
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Guide to Brexit

15th May 2017

Brexit has created an air of uncertainty, and no one really knows what’s coming next or what it could all mean in the long term. On 29 March, Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in a letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk, starting two years of divorce proceedings.
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Moving Home Mortgages: Porting Explained

09th May 2017

The upheaval and added expenditures that moving entails makes it essential to ensure you have the right mortgage deal in place for your new home. The next course of action is to research mortgages for a better deal. If you want to keep your existing mortgage product when moving to a new home, you can transfer your existing mortgage onto the new property by the process known as porting.
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Guide to Individual Savings Accounts

27th April 2017

When it comes to creating and maintaining the right investment strategy, we can provide the professional advice, comprehensive investment solutions and ongoing service to help you achieve your financial goals whether you are looking to invest for income or growth, or both. As we approach the end of the 2016/17 tax year, have you fully utilised your annual Individual Savings Account (ISA) all
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Help to Buy Schemes Explained Infographic

27th April 2017

Looking for help with buying your home? Help To Buy is a government scheme that aims to help people buy their own home. We know these schemes can seem overwhelming and it can be hard to understand how they could work for you, so we have put our experts minds together so you can get to grips with how they can help you buy your own home in this simple infographic.
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Reasons to Remortgage

19th April 2017

You may be looking to borrow for home improvements, reduce your monthly mortgage repayments, pay off some debts or reduce your mortgage term. If any of these are applicable then you should consider remortgaging. Remortgaging is when you take out a new mortgage with a new lender on a property that you already own.   To pay for home improvements Perhaps you want to expand your property
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Guide to the new Inheritance Tax rules

10th April 2017

Although often in the news, Inheritance Tax (IHT) is still not widely understood. That’s worrying, because it affects thousands of families every year. If you thought IHT was just for extremely wealthy people to worry about, think again. The amount of IHT collected has doubled over the last five years. The Government is introducing a new IHT allowance, adding an extra tax-free amount when you ow
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How to Stay Wealthy for 3 Generations

31st March 2017

70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and a staggering 90% by the third, according to the Williams Group wealth consultancy. With statistics like these it’s no wonder more and more people are thinking about their financial resources for their future generations. Only a 10th of British multimillionaires have wealth that was inherited An article by The Barclays UK
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How To Choose The Right Life Insurance Policy

29th March 2017

There comes a time in most people’s lives when you start to think about what would happen to those you love if you’re not around to care, protect and provide for them. Maybe you’re reaching a milestone birthday, have new additions to the family or work in a particularly high risk industry. All of these are popular reasons for looking into life insurance. If someone close to you would s
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How to Afford a Midlife Crisis

28th March 2017

Midlife crises affect nearly 30% of the population. We are not talking about red Ferraris and 20-year-old model girlfriends, more about reaching a time of your life when you’re reflecting on your achievements and what you want to do with the rest of your life. This type of contemplation can lead to frivolous splurges, but with the right amount of foresight and financial planning you can factor t
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Inheritance Tax Needn’t Be Taxing

27th March 2017

In the past, Inheritance Tax planning used to be an activity confined to the very rich. However, growing affluence means that this is no longer the case, and with the new threshold limit set to be introduced in April 2017, it’s a great time to take stock of your Inheritance Tax, wills and your estate planning. What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax on the property, mone
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Pension Funds Explained

24th March 2017

A pension fund is a type of investment that members who’ve signed up to the scheme pay in contributions, to build up a lump sum so that upon retirement they’ll receive an income. Pension funds are the biggest investors in the finance industry which goes to explain why decisions around what assets to buy and sell has a huge impact on the markets. Pension funds are a means to providing you wi
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Guide to Estate Preservation

23rd March 2017

You’ve worked hard all of your life to get to where you are, and providing for those you care about is important to you. However, just owning your own home and having sufficient capital to provide a reasonable income during your retirement may leave your estate with a sizeable IHT liability. If you want to have control over what happens to your assets after your death, effective estate planning
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Mortgages Made Simple Infographic

16th March 2017

With so many different deals and agreement types on the market, we know mortgages can seem extremely confusing without some comprehensive knowledge. We have spoken to our experts to break down mortgages into some easy to understand points, helping you to compare and discover which mortgage is right for your investment requirements.
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Where to Treat Your New Business Client in SW London

08th March 2017

Perhaps you’re in the throes of acquiring a new business client. You’re looking forward to the shaking of hands, the signing of contracts and the celebrations that come afterwards. But before all this you have to seal the deal and choosing the right setting for negotiations can be difficult. Here at IMC we have selected some of our favourite spots in South West London that are perfect for you
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Guide to 2016/2017 Year End Tax Planning

24th February 2017

Our 2016/17 Year End Tax Planning guide highlights some of the key tax planning opportunities for all stages and facets of life. We provide suggestions for further consideration and discussion, enabling you to arrange your taxes, investments and wider financial affairs to reduce current and future tax liabilities. Please keep in mind that everyone’s tax situation is different. Before implementi
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How to Buy a House in Your 30s

23rd February 2017

Buying a house in your 30s can seem like something of a pipe dream. Media reports of increasing house prices, high interest rates for first time buyer mortgages and lack of housing have you writing off owning a home before you’ve even looked into it. Buying property seems like something your parents and previous generations could do; to you it appears impossible. The process of buying a house
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What Do the Tax Changes for Buy to Let Properties Mean for You?

17th February 2017

With low interest rates and a volatile stock market, over the last few years, anyone with money to invest has been pushed towards the property market and buy-to-let has been an easy way to access that market. But changes to tax relief rules and last year’s 3% increase to stamp duty on buy-to-let properties mean that anyone considering buy-to-let should do their sums carefully, while existing
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The Essential Steps to Planning for Your Children’s Future

15th February 2017

As a parent or guardian, we all want what’s best for our children. Other than our partners, we treasure them like nobody – or nothing – else, and this means that being able to support them in their ambitions and explorations as they grow and mature, is of the upmost importance. While money is not, perhaps obviously, the only way to give your children a good life, the right financial plann
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Guide to 2017 Investment Outlook

13th February 2017

Looking ahead to this year, gradual repair of the global economy and greater political clarity in the USA should allow investors to take advantage of opportunities in 2017. However, political events could again trigger further turbulence this year, but central banks will probably continue to suppress market risk. In such an environment, market corrections can offer opportunities for appropriate in
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Guide to New Year Wealth

25th January 2017

When was the last time you wrote down your goals? More importantly, when was the last time you revisited them? A new year can be seen as a fresh start and a marker to look forward to what you want to accomplish – personally, professionally and hopefully financially. Maybe you have already thought, ‘This is the year I must start contributing more to my retirement,’ or, ‘This is the year I
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Infographic: How Will You Reach Your Long-term Financial Goals in 2017

23rd January 2017

With 2017 in full swing, we wanted to help you keep your momentum to ensure that you make this the year you start working towards your financial goals. With interest rates continuing to fall, we have rounded up our alternative tips in a handy infographic on everything from mortgages to reaching your monetary milestones. With our help you can be sure you invest wisely this year and make 2017 the
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Five Incredible Dining Experiences in South West London

18th January 2017

Hard work can, and in our opinion, should, bear fruit. Whether that fruit is your next investment property, or a romantic dinner for two at a destination fine dining restaurant, you should always make time to spoil yourself. When it comes to dining out, south west London has an attractive array of exquisite eateries. Here are some of our top selections for best restaurant in the local area. Book a
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The London Housing Market in 2017

17th January 2017

Times have been good for home owners and buy to let landlords in recent years. With the seasonal holidays out of the way, the new year brings with it a series of new opportunities and potential challenges. Buy-to-Let Those of us who own homes to let are in for an interesting year. Factors such as Brexit will likely start to impact the number of international students entering London and t
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If Money Were No Object, What Would You Buy?

11th January 2017

Now that the new year is here, it’s time to start looking ahead to the future. What sort of life are you aspiring to provide for your family and yourself? If you want something to work towards, here is some real inspiration. A home to call home London is home to a great number of premium addresses, as this article in The Telegraph pointed out. Could you aspire to own a home like this in 20
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Guide to Wealth Management

16th December 2016

Our personalised approach is designed to help us understand your wider ambitions and objectives for your wealth, whether you want to generate an income that supports your lifestyle, family and retirement plans; need help to pass your wealth on to future generations; or fund your ambitions, from personal legacies to philanthropy.
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Guide to Professional Financial Advice

07th December 2016

Few of us really have the time or inclination to understand the vast number of different investment products available on the market and consider what the best options are to suit our particular objectives. To do this effectively, it would need to become a full-time job.
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Guide to Investments Matters

24th November 2016

Anything is possible when you manage your money the right way. Whatever your goals in life are, careful planning and successful investing of your wealth can help you get there. Investments can offer both risk and return, and generally the bigger the risk the greater the potential return.
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Guide to the Lifetime Allowance

21st October 2016

The Government has introduced comprehensive reforms to the pension rules over the previous few years. One important change, which may have been overlooked by some savers, is the reduction of the Lifetime Allowance that applies to pension savings. This further reduction means that you may be affected.
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Guide to Active and Passive Investment Management

05th October 2016

If you are looking to invest in shares or bonds, you may think about putting your money into one or more managed funds. Managed funds are pooled investments that contain different securities, so you reduce the risk of holding just a few individual shares or bonds.
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Guide to Your options at Retirement

13th September 2016

Deciding what to do with your pension savings is an important step we will all have to take. Following changes introduced in April 2015, you now have more choice and flexibility than ever before over how and when you can take money from your pension pot. These changes give you freedom over how you can use your pension pot(s) if you’re 55 or over and have a pension based on how much has been paid
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Guide to Protecting you and your Estate

26th August 2016

Making sure that you’ve made plans for after you’re gone will give you peace of mind. It’s not nice to think about, but it means that your loved ones can carry out your wishes and be protected from Inheritance Tax (IHT). You don’t have to be wealthy for your estate to be liable for IHT, and t isn’t something that is paid only on death – it may also have to be paid on gifts made during
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Guide to Investment Planning

09th August 2016

Money, of course, plays an important role in our lives. While it’s not everything, it can help you achieve your goals and gives you greater choices and freedoms. That’s why it’s important to increase our financial intelligence to learn how to build greater wealth. In this Guide to Investment Planning, we consider the process of organising investments as a whole and explore the key principles
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Guide to the LISA

12th July 2016

In the March 2016 Budget, the Chancellor announced major improvements to Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) with the introduction of a new Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA) from April 2017, designed to help young people save flexibly for the long term throughout their lives. The aim is to help them simultaneously save for a first home and for their retirement without having to choose one
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Guide to New Pension State

08th July 2016

The State Pension changed on 6 April 2016. If you reached State Pension age on or after that date, you’ll now receive the new State Pension under the new rules. The aim of the new State Pension is to make it simpler to understand, but there are some complicated changeover arrangements which you need to know about if you’ve already made contributions under the previous system.
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Guide to the Budget 2016

21st June 2016

Tax and savings were central to Mr Osborne’s 62-minute speech, including the unveiling of a retirement savings vehicle for millennials called the Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA). Ultimately, this is a testing ground for the Pensions ISA proposed before Budget 2016, and it gives the Government the option to see how consumers react to the ISA option. Mr Osborne added that people under 4
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2016 Guide to Retirement Planning

13th June 2016

Pension freedoms have transformed the pension landscape, giving more choice than ever before in shaping retirement plans to best meet our individual needs and circumstances. Once you’ve decided to start saving for retirement, you need to choose how to do so. Pensions have a number of important advantages that will make your savings grow more rapidly than might otherwise be the case. Following th
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Guide to Wealth Preservation

02nd June 2016

Taxes, as we know, are one of the two great inevitables in life. As the UK tax system continues to grow ever more complex, and with more responsibility being placed on the individual to get their own tax right, ensuring that you receive the best professional advice to optimise your tax position is paramount. Appropriate tax planning could help you substantially reduce tax liabilities and defer tax
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Guide to Pension changes

27th May 2016

Pensions have been transformed by the arrival of freedom reforms on 6 April 2015 which now give far greater flexibility over what you can do with your pension pot. The new freedoms mean you can enjoy far greater choice on how you spend and generate an income from your pensions, but with further changes on the horizon these are some of the key changes you need to know.
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Guide to Inheritance Tax Planning

23rd May 2016

Contrary to the belief of some, Inheritance Tax not only affects the very rich, but other people may be liable without realising. Few taxes are quite as emotive – or as politicised – as Inheritance Tax. The structures into which you transfer your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family. We can help you choose structures and trusts designed to protect your assets and give y
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Preserving your Business Assets

24th March 2016

Years of hard work and dedication have allowed your business to succeed, giving you and your family financial stability. It is natural that you would want to ensure that your loved ones are provided for in the event of your death. So what would happen if either you or your business partner were to die?
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Guide to 2015/2016 Tax Planning

26th February 2016

Tax is a highly sensitive subject for most individuals. In this guide, we consider a number of tax planning and wealth strategies. The start of a New Year is the perfect time to take stock and think about how you can improve your financial position and ultimately structure your affairs so that you don’t have to pay more tax than you legally have to, especially as we’re in the run-up to the tax
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Guide to the Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015

10th February 2016

On Wednesday 25 November 2015, Chancellor George Osborne presented his Spending Review which set out what government spending will be over the next four years, while the Autumn Statement updated his plans for the economy. Compared to the summer Budget 2015, the Office for Budget Responsibility now forecasts higher tax receipts and lower debt interest, with a £27 billion improvement in the public
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Guide to Investing in 2016

20th January 2016

Successful long-term wealth creation requires the right balance between shares, bonds and other investments. In Guide to Investing in 2016, we consider a number of different solutions available to you, and each section explains the basic facts. There are a number of factors you should consider before deciding on what kind of approach is most suitable for you. These include the purpose of the inves
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Investing for Children

18th December 2015

Investing and saving for your children or grandchildren is a great way to give them a good financial start in life. Even small amounts can really add up if you save regularly from a child’s birth, and there are many ways to invest on behalf of a child. You need to take into account how much you can comfortably put aside, and how much you’ll need at the end of the period and if you’re saving
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2015 Guide to Wealth Preservation

03rd December 2015

After a lifetime of hard work, you want to make sure you protect as much of your wealth as possible and pass it to those who you would like to receive it. Wealth, just like your health, must be carefully preserved, and the correct solution for you is the one that suits your personal circumstances. The subject of wealth preservation can be an emotional and complex matter. By making use of lifetime
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2015 Guide to Retirement Planning

17th November 2015

Following the biggest reforms to pensions in recent times, whilst the ability to unlock pension funds is attractive, you need to understand the tax implications of doing this and accept the risk of ensuring that the funds built up are managed effectively to ensure that they last for life.
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2015 Guide to Income Protection

01st November 2015

No one likes to think that something bad will happen to them, but if you couldn’t work due to a serious illness, how would you manage financially? Could you survive on savings or sick pay from work? If not, you may need some other way to keep paying the bills – and you might want to consider income protection insurance. Currently, 10.8 million UK households are at risk of their income falling
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Guide to Equity Release

16th October 2015

We all look forward to the day when we can stop or cut down on the amount of time we spend at work and all of the things we’d like to do once we’ve retired. If you’re facing a pension shortfall or need to meet an unexpected expense, equity release may be an option to consider. It allows you to unlock some of the wealth you’ve accumulated in your property without having to move. But before
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Guide to Cashflow modelling

05th October 2015

In order to develop your financial plan, you need clarity over your goals, your objectives and your motivations. Cash flow modelling illustrates what might happen to your finances in the future, and enables you to plan to ensure that you make the most of your money to achieve ...
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A Guide to Inheritance Tax

01st October 2015

The aim of this guide is to give a brief outline of UK inheritance tax (IHT) and to highlight some of the opportunities available for IHT planning. An individual's liability to IHT is primarily governed by their domicile at the time a transfer of value takes place. A person domiciled in the UK is liable to IHT on the total value of their assets wherever in the world these are situated.
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Guide to Wealth Goals

27th August 2015

Reaching wealth goals and achieving personal ambitions are major objectives of the financial planning process. In order to make plans for the future, you need to know where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Wealth goal-setting is very much like creating a business lan. You need to know a starting point and ending point, the time frame for ‘exiting’ (or reaching your goals),
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Guide to Pensions

12th August 2015

Whether you’re saving for old age, about to retire or already have, you need to give your pension some attention following the announcement of the new pension freedom reforms. Perhaps most important of all were the changes announced in the 2014 Budget, which mean many more will now be able to retire and withdraw money from their pension without buying an annuity.
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Guide to Investments

03rd August 2015

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket’ is probably the best known proverb advising investors about the importance of portfolio diversification to spread and reduce risk. The major advantage of portfolio diversification is its ability to protect your entire portfolio from volatility associated to various asset classes.
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Guide to new Pension Freedom

30th July 2015

The Government's fagship pensions freedom policy comes into force on 6 April 2015 and will give far greater fexibility over what someone can do with their pension. The new rules should give people more confdence to save into a pension because they will retain much more control over their money. Currently, most pension schemes don't allow people to take small amounts of money at different times. Al
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Guide to Pensions Freedom

17th June 2015

The new government pensions freedom rules came into place from 6 April 2015. It’s really important to understand the changes and review your options, because from the age of 55, you can now take responsibility for the money you’ve saved and access your pension pot however you like. Most people will now have more options when it comes to their retirement choices. But generally they’ll still w
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Guide to Pension consolidation

11th June 2015

Few of us today remain in the same career throughout our working lives. The result is that many people may have a number of different pension pots from previous employers. However, combining them into one single pension could make real. If you have accumulated different pension plans, keeping your pension savings in different plan schemes may result in lost investment opportunities and unnecessary
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Inheritance Tax Planning

28th May 2015

Few taxes are quite as emotive – or as politicised – as Inheritance Tax (IHT). The structures into which you transfer your assets can have lasting consequences for you and your family. We can help you choose structures and trusts designed to protect your assets and give your family lasting benefits. Historically, IHT planning used to be an activity confined to the very rich. However, growing a
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Guide to Budget 2015

06th May 2015

Before May’s general election, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced tax cuts for first-time buyers, workers and savers, and claimed Britain was ‘walking tall again’ after five years of austerity. In our Budget 2015 Summary, we have provided information about the key announcements but primarily look at the main areas around financial planning...
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Guide to Isa's

19th March 2015

If you are keen to take advantage of the New Individual Savings Account (NISA) allowance, increased to £15,000 and make the most of your tax-efficient savings, time is running out. You only have until 5 April to fully utilise you 2014/15 NISA allowance, after which it will be lost forever. MUCH SIMPLER PRODUCT In his 2014 Budget speech, the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that from 1 Ju
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