Ethical investments

Ethical investments

Investment is no longer a purely financial matter. The world has changed and here at IMC we have changed along with it. One of the most exciting parts of the modern financial world is ethical investment.

Ethical investment is an investment that, as well as generating a healthy return, does some good in the world. This may mean the investment has social benefits or that it helps the environment. Either way, the investor is able to know that their money has made a difference to others, at the same time as growing for them and their family.

The IMC team can access ethical investment opportunities around the world. We have numerous investment vehicles available for clients who wish to pursue this investment route and are ideally place to provide advice and guidance on how to approach socially responsible investment of this nature.

Whatever your passion in terms of improving the world in which we live, ethical investment funds will allow you to pursue your goals. For some, this may mean investing in renewable energy or biofuels. For others it could mean investing in farming projects in lower income countries that serve to provide livelihoods for local communities. The sheer variety of products and services on offer is what makes ethical investment so exciting for those with a social conscience.

Of course this variety can also be overwhelming, which is precisely why IMC is here to help. We scan the marketplace for interesting ethical investments in order that our clients can enjoy the knowledge that their money is making a difference, as well as generating great returns. We use our years of experience to identify opportunities that are financially sound and socially or environmentally sustainable.

Contact us today to find out more about how IMC’s ethical investment services can help you to invest with a conscience through our range of ethical investment vehicles.

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The market for ethical investments is huge and still growing. As investors become more socially conscious, they are seeking to put their money to work for them in sustainable projects around the globe. At IMC, we support clients in accessing this dynamic and exciting marketplace.

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