Wills and Estate

Will Writing Services

At IMC, our skilled and qualified advisors are available to provide a will writing service that sensitively supports you through the often difficult process of creating a will. Our Director and member of the Society of Will Writers, Andrew Jackson, specialises in planning for the future, specifically wills and pensions. 


Will advice – why you need it

There are many requirements which need to be met in order for a Will & Testament to be legally binding. Hiring professional will writers ensures that all of these are met and your will is valid. 

Without a will, your money, property and possessions may not end up with the intended people, often leading to family disputes. To avoid having your assets made subject to the law of intestacy, you should make your wishes known through estate planning. Having a will can save your loved ones from a great deal of distress, providing you with the peace of mind that the future will be taken care of in whatever manner you see fit. 


Estate planning experts 

Our team of estate planning specialists offers estate planning advice and solutions. Our aim is to ensure that you end up with reassurance that comes from knowing your loved ones are protected.

There is a lot to consider when writing a will. Primarily, you need to think about the value of your estate – not only now, but also in the future. Thinking through tax implications is also an essential part of the process. To assist with these considerations, the advice of an estate planning expert is always valuable. 

From issues regarding your house to individual bequests, the will writing and estate planning process is your opportunity to look out for those you will be leaving behind. It should not be a morbid subject to proactively prepare for the future of those you care about.

Making a will is the responsible way to legally ensure that your wishes are carried out after you die. We appreciate that most people prefer not to spend too long contemplating their death, nevertheless, it is an important part of planning for the future of your family. Our aim is to help you with an easy and simple plan to include in your will.


Contact the IMC team for information on how you can plan for your family’s future through our wills and estate planning services.

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We consulted David to update our wills - we found the service very impressive. David was thorough, diligent and helpful, explaining various details and considerations throughout. We would highly recommend."

JaneF-300 , Mar 2020

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"Great personal service from all team members we dealt with regarding our mortgage, life insurance and will advice. Swift responses to emails. Very knowledgeable team. Would highly recommend."

Della Veillet , Jun 2019

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"Jacqui has been fantastic every time we have needed to mortgage and re-mortgage (and take out accompanying life insurance) - always looking to save us money and to find the mortgage that works best for us each time."

Mark Koshy-Baxter , Jan 2019

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"Jacqueline, Daniel, Surendra have helped me through the years with my unusually mortgage and insurances requests, always been proactive and in my best interest, saving me money at every occasion! Very happy to deal with them every time!"

samuele alberton , Dec 2018

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