Crack the Housing Market with the First Homes Scheme!

Home sweet, affordable home! The First Homes scheme is here to slash property prices for local first-time buyers and key workers.

Imagine this: a brand new house, but 30% to 50% cheaper! That’s what the First Homes scheme offers. It’s a government-backed program that makes homeownership a realistic dream – not just a distant fantasy.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Who qualifies? First-time buyers who are local residents, key workers (like doctors, nurses, teachers), or members of the Armed Forces (including veterans!).
  • How much are we talking? The discount is locked into the property, so it stays affordable forever. Think a £200,000 house becoming just £140,000!
  • What’s the catch? You must stay local and pass the discount on when you sell. This keeps homes affordable for generations of first-timers and key workers in your community.

Ready to unlock your homeownership journey?

There are a few requirements to meet, but don’t worry, they’re straightforward. We can help you navigate them all.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Be a first-time buyer (no inherited property).
  • Earn under £80,000 (£90,000 in London).
  • Be eyeing a property under £250,000 (£420,000 in London).
  • Live or work locally, or have a strong connection to the area.
  • Key workers get priority!

Deposits and mortgages? We’ve got you covered!

The usual 5% deposit for first-time buyers applies. Plus, many lenders offer special mortgages specifically for the First Homes scheme.

Don’t let homeownership stay a dream!

Contact IMC Financial Services today. Our experts will guide you every step of the way to crack the housing market with the First Homes scheme.

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