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Care in the capital: A guide to private healthcare in London

UK residents are fortunate enough to have access to a National Health Service. This ensures that no matter the health problems facing them, they will receive treatment for free at the point of service. A taxpayer-funded healthcare system obviously has a lot of benefits, but many people still choose to go private, rather than use the state-provided healthcare services.

There are plenty of benefits gained by choosing a private healthcare provider which we outlined in this article. So, if you decide to pay a little extra and choose private healthcare in London, we’ve put together this guide. We’re here to show you how to get the very best out of private healthcare in the capital.


What are the benefits of going private in London?

While there are benefits to choosing a private healthcare provider no matter where you are in the UK, there are certain ways in which you will be particularly benefited by living in London.


London is busy

Believe it or not, London is a rather busy city. With a population of almost 9 million which means that hospitals are often incredibly busy. NHS waiting times can be bad across the country but, within London, even fairly straightforward hospital visits could have waiting times of a number of weeks.

With a private healthcare plan, these waiting times are often slashed, allowing you to see a doctor and receive treatment much faster than you may without going private. This is especially useful if you have a condition that requires you to make frequent hospital visits. Furthermore, having private medical care means that you can consistently visit the same doctor every time you go to the hospital – this allows you to develop a much more personal relationship with the person helping to get you healthy.


Catered to you

Hospitals can feel very impersonal, but especially so in London. Once again, due to the sheer size of the city, you may feel very faceless or even forgotten about in an NHS hospital in the city. However, when you go private, you’ll find that many hospitals go above and beyond to make you feel like you’re at home. For further ease of access, some private medical companies are even offering their services direct to your door.

Another aspect that’s important to mention is that if your cultural background is not British, private hospitals may be able to go the extra mile in ensuring your comfort. In fact, many analysts put the success of private hospitals in the UK down to non-Brits who are willing to pay to experience a more homely experience.



If you happen to have a less common medical issue that requires more specialised treatment, private healthcare may be more appealing to you. London is renowned for its world-renowned specialist hospitals including the private wing of Moorfields Eye Hospital, the Harley Street Clinic renowned for its cancer treatment and The Portland Hospital for Women and Children.

Having top specialists on your doorstep is very useful and, while there are also many specialist NHS hospitals in the city, the freedom of choice available when going private makes it a very alluring option.


How do I go private in London?

The most popular option for those seeking out private medical care in London is to take out a health insurance policy. The healthcare specialists at IMC are ready to advise and guide you on a range of health insurance providers to ensure that you get the cover necessary for your specific lifestyle.

Depending on the plan you choose, certain providers will give you access to certain hospitals covered, so it is always worth doing your own research and seeking impartial professional advice before settling on a healthcare provider.

Another option is to choose to ‘pay as you go’; however, unless your visits to the hospital are exceedingly rare, this likely wouldn’t be worth the money. While health insurance plans can have high premiums – especially if you’re elderly or have a pre-existing condition – the cost of one off treatments can be huge.


Here at IMC, our team always sets out to give you the best, most accurate advice possible. For health insurance advice that’s tailored to your lifestyle, contact us today. Find out about the most successful healthcare providers in the UK on our blog. 

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