Home Buyer’s Protection

Home Buyer’s Protection

At IMC Financial Services, we understand how costly purchasing a property can be, and once you start arranging a mortgage, organising solicitors and order searches, the fear that something could go wrong is real. That’s why IMC has partnered with Paymentshield to offer you the best solution – Home Buyer’s Protection.


What is Home Buyer’s Protection?

As the name indicates, Home Buyer’s Protection is an insurance cover that protects you in the event of the property sale falling through – where you can claim some of the conveyancing fees, survey/valuation fees, and mortgage/lender fees.

You are covered in the event:
  • Gazumping – Your accepted offer gets gazumped by another offer over £1,000 or more.
  • Withdrawal – The property that you are purchasing is withdrawn by the seller.
  • Survey – The survey reveals that the property needs work that will cost 10% more than your offer.
  • Relocation – Your employer asks you to relocate.
  • Redundancy – You are made redundant.
  • Valuation – The lender’s valuation is less than 95% of your offer.
  • Death – You or any other policyholder dies.

The above policy can be purchased for £85. If you require a mortgage and apply for that mortgage through IMC then this policy is free of charge when you quote the code IMC427 when contacting us.


For more information on the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the Home Buyer’s Protection policy, please read the Paymentshield Home Buyers Protection policy.

Important: Paymentshield Home Buyer’s Protection is designed to cover unforeseen events, but it doesn’t cover every eventuality. For example, you wouldn’t be covered if you knew that the purchase would not complete before you bought your policy. It also can’t cover you if you take voluntarily redundancy. This policy is only available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.